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Notice to buyers

First Strike Meters stopped production of all FS1 meters including those produced under other trade names in 2018. Some sellers on eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, and other sites claim to be selling new meters under the First Strike name and other trade names. This is notice that First Strike Meters warrantee has expired and First Strike Meters will not provide warranty. Before buying, ask the seller about warrantee and who will be doing the warrantee work.

FS1-ProHD Frequently Asked Questions

FS1-ProHD Videos

Getting Started System Plan User Plan

What bands does the FS1-ProHD cover?

C-band and Ku band.

Does the FS1-ProHD have a touch screen?

No, the F1-F4 buttons control the screen options.

Can't see your screen in difficult light conditions?

From the Main Menu, hold the "0" key until the screen switches from color to black and white. Repeat this when you are ready to go back to color.

Can it receive DSS signals?

Yes. Although this meter was made for C and Ku signals, understanding how digital DSS signals work will allow you to use this meter for DSS.

Be aware that you must have knowledge of DSS signals and the DSS LNBF in use and that encrypted signals sometimes do not allow the "LOCKED" indicator to show. Not showing the "LOCKED" indicator does not effect the meters ability to find the best signal.

Find more information on Directv and Dishnetwork DSS LNBFs here.

Can it receive Bell TV signals?

Yes. Be aware that encrypted signals sometimes do not allow the "LOCKED" indicator to work.

Nimiq 6 & Nimiq 4 parameters comparison chart

Does the FS1-ProHD give true readings?

Yes, the FS1-ProHD is a true RF meter. Readings most likely will not coincide with your receivers metering since your receivers readings are relative.

Why is there a #1 and #2 next to the satellites in the SYSTEM PLAN?

Two reasons. If a satellite has C band and Ku band frequencies, #1 is for C band and #2 is for Ku band. The second reason is, if a satellite is strictly C or Ku we give you 2 different frequencies to use.

Can I edit the satellites in SYSTEM PLAN?


How do I enter in my Longitude and Latitude?

  • From the main menu, choose #4 (SETUP).
  • Press ENT (F4)
  • Choose #5 (COORDINATE)
  • Press ENT
  • Enter your LONG making sure to set the E/W
  • Press ENT
  • Press DOWN ARROW (F3) to select LAT
  • Enter your LAT making sure to set the N/S
  • Press ENT to confirm
  • Press ENT to exit the edit mode

How can I view satellites from my location?

Enter in the Long and Lat for your location and select menu option 1 (System Plan).

Depending on lighting conditions, the screen can be hard to read.

While in the MAIN MENU, press and hold '0'. The screen will change to black and white making it easier to read in bright sunlight. Repeat to go back to a color screen.

How do I turn the satellite finding volume On or Off?

From the main menu select option 4 then option 3.

Where is the quality bar or readings?

The bar on the right side of the finding window is the MER. This is similar to Quality but a more accurate way to find and read signal.

Why can I not see a signal strength bar?

If you are in dBuV measurement mode the graph starts at 55.

What are the different unit measurement modes and how do I switch between them?

dBuV, dBmV and dBm. From the main menu select option 4 then option 2.

Can I copy a satellite from SYSTEM PLAN to my USER PLAN?

Yes, just press the F4 button to load a satellite. It will be copied to the next available USER PLAN number.

Can I manually enter in a new satellite in USER PLAN mode?

Yes, just go to the desired plan number and begin by typing in the orbital position of your satellite.

Do I have to select DVBS1 or DVBS2?

Yes, you have to select the correct setting.

How do I reset my meter?

From the main 'MENU', #4 (Setup), #7 (Restore), F4 (ENT), UP or DOWN Arrow changes the choice to 'Yes', F4 (ENT) to initiate the restore.

How do I find the worldwide satellite list?

The worldwide satellite list is in the 'SYSTEM PLAN' found by pressing 'MENU', #1. Note that the meter will only show the satellites that are visible from your location determined by the LONG and LAT that you enter.

White Screen

This happens sometimes when there is a failed download or the meter is unplugged before the download is finished.

Stop the meter by unplugging the battery.

Download Firmware SF200USA129

Re-connect the battery and follow the instructions below.

  1. Connect the meter to the PC using the First Strike USB cable.
  2. Press and hold the key “0” and then press “power on”, the meter screen turns to white.
  3. The meter shows as a removable memory disk on the PC.
    Note: It is normal that no file is shown in the window.
  4. Drag (or copy and paste) the “200USA129.DAT” into the removable disk open window.
  5. When finished the file will show in the open window on the PC.
  6. Remove the meter from the PC.
  7. Power on again.
  8. From the MENU, choose “4 SETUP”, then “7 RESTORE”. Choose “Yes” to reboot.

Some file transfer problems have been reported with Windows 10. Use a Windows version prior to Windows 10.


Having problems loading your meter? Are you using Windows 10? Read this.

This is not a problem with the meter.
Windows 10 can corrupt or abort files without warning.
This has become a problem for loading files to meters, USB drives and other devices.
Overcome this problem by using any other Windows OS.

Note: Some users have reported success with Windows 10 by using it in the SAFE mode.

Need more information?

Search Windows 10 USB Problems