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Notice to buyers

First Strike Meters stopped production of all FS1 meters including those produced under other trade names in 2018. Some sellers on eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, and other sites claim to be selling new meters under the First Strike name and other trade names. This is notice that First Strike Meters warrantee has expired and First Strike Meters will not provide warranty. Before buying, ask the seller about warrantee and who will be doing the warrantee work.


Producing quality hand held satellite finder meters since 2004.

When it needs to be done right the first time, First Strike meters are the preferred meters of professional installers. Small enough to easily carry, powerful enough to make installs quick and easy. True RF meters at a cost effective price.

First Strike true meter technology has several advantages, it has no measurable latency and because there is no delay in signal readings the installer can swing the dish and find the signal much faster. (Fast Sweep Technology)

Meter is protected by our tough rubberized 'Ruff Neck' jacket, which provides a degree of resistance against accidental impact damage.

True meter technology produces usable and accurate units of measure that can be used for many things like adjusting amplifiers for MDUs or recording measurements for later comparison.

First Strike Cable Meter model RA2002C
RA2002C Cable Meter

FREE Satellite / Transponder List

Once you have a meter you need reliable information to be able to use your meter properly. Over 90% of meter questions and complaints are due to the incorrect settings. Meter settings are a lot like a calculator, wrong entries will give you the wrong answer (no signal). In the past it was hard to find reliable information about digital satellites and transponders.

So, where is it and how do I get it?

It is located on Ivy Stone Place.

The free satellite / transponder list can be downloaded (free of charge) by making an account, confirming your account by the email link sent from the site, placing the free list in your cart and completing your order. Once the order is completed you will find the list download in the 'Downloads' section of your account. Simply click on it to download. We also offer the FREE satellite / transponder list without signing in.

FREE Satellite LIst Understanding Sat/TP List

How do I know when a new list comes out?

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